Saturday, December 7, 2013

No-poo month two

I can not believe that I have not washed my hair with anything but baking soda in two months. My, how time flies!

So I have been using only baking soda applied to my dry hair before a shower when needed for about a month. I use the baking soda method once to twice a week. I use it when my hair starts getting greasy which is about 4-6 days after I washed it last. My hair use to get super greasy within 24hrs of washing it. 

I sprinkle the dry baking soda on my scalp befor I get in the shower. I then get in the shower, wet my hair, and scrub the baking soda into my scalp. I let it sit for a couple minutes and then rinse it out. Make sure to get all the baking soda rinsed out. 

Once out of the shower I comb out my rats nest and style it as usual (with no products, of course).  

I am super satisfied with how well my hair is doing. I feel that it is healthier and easier to manage. Sometimes in this winter weather my hair gets really staticy so I put a tiny bit of coconut oil on it to calm it down. I rub the coconut oil into my palms before I apply it to my hair. This way you don't end up with greasy coconut oil hair :-)

So this has been my two month no-poo update. 

So far the no-poo method is working for me.