Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Auras, visions, and hallucinations, oh my!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been able to see beautiful colors emitting from peoples bodies and objects. I always thought it was normal. I lived in my life assuming that everyone could see these amazing colors of energy that came off of people and things. I also would have daily hallucinations which I also thought was nothing dangerous. When I was almost 30 years old I was talking to my husband about the auras and hallucinations, which apparently was the first time I had fully revealed my visions. Every time I had mentioned it, I guess, I had never fully explained myself. My husband and everyone else just assumed that I was talking about floaters in my vision or something like that.

Anyway, as I was explaining my daily hallucinations to my husband, he started to look very concerned. He said "that's not normal! People don't hallucinate unless they are on drugs!". My whole world was shaken. A huge part of who I have always been, what I thought was normal, was not? I could not believe that it was not "normal", since it always felt so natural and "normal". I began to question myself. Was I crazy? Did I have a brain tumor? Why would I have thought it was normal? After many hospital visits to reveal how healthy I am, I know that there is nothing wrong with me. Now, I know, I am normal.

I have always been drawn to altered realities because they mimic what I believe is the real world. Since my realization, that not everyone can see the world we live in as I do, I have been even more curious about the universe and our existence in it. Why do some humans see the energy fields that surround things while others do not? Could it be that all of us have this divine connection but do not know how to tap into it? Maybe. I would like to hope so.

My journey in the world has led me to exactly where I am, wondering how I can nurture this connection to the world, and how can I help others to see it too. As a mother, I am always teaching, always learning, and always growing with the lessons I teach my sons.  I have seen their imagination and understanding of the world mature over the years.  Each of my sons have their own ability in seeing and feeling energy fields. They are the generation that will not only understand but will fully accept the connection between the energy fields of reality and reality itself.  So I guess, this is where I start/continue my journey.  
I will develop my own integral awareness while teaching my children what I have learned along my path.  I will be patient and kind with my journey while I grow into a more aware human.  For as eager as I am to become the wise, old, and  fantastically amazing lavender hair goddess that I see in my visions, I must be stoical.  The wise one that I am distend to be is only enlighten because of the life she has endured. For now, I will continue to doodle and document my hallucinations and auras that I see.

Forward momentum!    

(Photo of my littlest "helping" draw an energy field)
To be continued.........

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coconut oil = Acne cure!!!!

I simply use coconut oil to wash my face in the morning and at night. I use nothing else! No other acne crap! All you need is coconut oil and warm water and you are on your way to an acne-free face. 

I have been cleansing my face, everyday for two years. My acne and my acne scars are all healed up. I hardly recognize my face, it's beautiful and soft!!