Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cute twisty hair with a side braid

I twisted my hair around my head and the tied it on the side. Then I braided it all the way down and pulled the tie to the bottom. Apply hair spray and then put a tie 4 or 5 inches below the beginning of the braid. Finally I removed the bottom tie and loosened the bottom of the braid but did not take all the way out.
Super easy cute hair.
Had I not gotten a bunch of zits from stressing over homework I would have looked fabulous. But my hair was adorable!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cute big hair

Make a high loose ponytail. poke finger and thumb, squashed together, straight down thru the top of the ponytail, behind the tie. Once finger and thumb are through to the other side/bottom of ponytail. Grab pony tail and pull back up thru where your fingers came thru.

Once all the way thru, tighten ponytail so it is high on your head. Flip head forward and tease half inch section from the back forward. Hair spray in between each section.

Flip head upright and smooth hair back. Hairspray final time. If your hair jumps back, pin it on the sides.

Best if done with at least day old hair.
The dirtier the better. Dirty not greasy!

Prints (mini art)

Today we found some foam from the mushroom container to re purpose. You could probably use a takeout foam box instead.

We took a pen and drew our pictures. Making sure we cut into the foam as we drew.

Once our stamp was complete we covered it with paint. We laid a piece of paper over it to remove this first print(this is not the print). Once the excess paint is pull away from the first print you are ready to make THE ONE. I used card stock to make these mini pieces of art.

Lay card stock over the foam print and hold still while pressing evenly, rub if you do not move it. Pull off and allow to dry.

Tadaaaaaaa mini art!!!!!!

Both my three year old and eight year old enjoyed this project.

I messed up by not reversing the original text so it turned out backwards. So make sure if you write anything, do it backwards on the foam.

(in the picture the Pegasus is not fully painted. Make sure you cover the whole stamp before you make the print)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Great gift!!!!
I made this for Kyle's 2nd fathers day.
The boys were so proud of this gift.
It is really easy and was a fun craft the whole way through.
Other letters could be used to spell other things like; MOM, GRANDPARENTS, GRANDCHILDREN , AUNT, UNCLE, or anything you can think of.
I will be doing this again this year now that my boys have changed so much.

-wooden letter
-paint (any kind)

Easy, peasey, lemon squeezy :-)

Have fun creating! Whom ever received the photo will be so glad you did.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute twisty hair

I put my my hair up in medium high pig tails. I split each pig tail in two, with one half at a time I twisted it so I could loop it through itself a pinned it down. I repeated so I ended up with four knots. It turned out pretty cute for as quick as I did it.

However when I took these picture I decided my forehead is too shiny and big so I am cutting bangs tomorrow

Dragon mask

My son wanted a dragon mask so we made masks our craft for the day.

I used googly eyes, card stock, brads, glue, and clips(to hold it while the glue dried)

First I made the top jaw and measured his head as I went. For the square jaw line I used card stock and made a T.

I tried to take pictures but if you need more direction please let me know :-)

The pictures are not in order but you can figure it out. Its like a puzzle........

I used one set of brads to hold the top jaw bottom jaw and head strap all together.

I did glue a top strap on during to hold it together while I was making it and then removed it at the end.

Cat woman mask

So easy.
Draw, cut, assemble, and wear.

My son loves cat woman and he wanted me to make this for him.

He looked so cute strutting around with his shoe lace whip and this mask.

I used pipe cleaners and brads to make the strap to hold it around his head. I would have used elastic string had I had it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pasta beads

We've been learning a lot about patterns during Damien's school time so I decided pasta beads would be a fun scientific experiment. Damien not only learned about color patterns but he also learned that dying does not just mean death but it also means coloring.

This was an easy craft and it was fun to watch the pasta absorb the food coloring. Damien also liked making up different patterns for everyone's necklaces.

Pasta Beads:
-any kind of pasta
-water tight containers
-rubbing alcohol
-food coloring

Place a small amount of alcohol in the bottom of the container until covered. Drop in a few drops of food coloring of your choice. Fill containers half full of pasta. Put on the water tight lid.

Gently roll the container until all of the noodles are fully cover. Repeat at least six times throughout the day. I would rotate them every time I passed them.

Once dyed, drain and lay flat to dry. I dried mine in pie tins with paper towels overnight.

Once dry, the skies the limit. :-)