Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY elf ears

I used gold card stock and folded it in half. On the fold is where I drew the curve of the ear while using the bottom edge of the paper for the flat opening for the real ear. I sketched out the pointy ear shape in pencil. Then I cut out the shape I wanted. Once it was cut out I used scotch tape to connect the front and the back leaving the flat bottom opened.

My first one didn't fit right so I had to make two sets. Good luck!!!! Happy elfing !

Free fun for kids

I save any container I use. Every jam jar, ketchup bottle, soda bottles, and anything else that I can wash clean. I even keep all my t.p and paper towel rolls. I am NOT a hoarder! I'm crafty :-)

I open a paper bag (which can also be used as a toy) and fill with like containers. I set my paper collector bags in the garage except the t.p roll bag that's under the bathroom sink. Whenever I need an extra container I can have one on hand, it's handy.

So when my children say I'm bored I will let them choose some containers or just give them the whole bag depending on how full it is.

You wouldn't think trash could equal hours of fun but it can if you add imagination.