Saturday, May 17, 2014

True healing of our human state comes from within

Thoughts are things.

Each day we go through life unaware of the many choices we make. We choose to get upset without even realizing we chose to let anger in. When we quite our mind of the constant noise of daily life only then will we be able to make conscience decisions. In today's busy existence, humans choose convenience over health because they make decisions based on influences that are not their own. We unknowingly let society influence our decisions and are usually unhappy with the results. To gain true happiness and health in our life we must first slow down our reactions to life's chaos. Instead of letting our daily experiences anger us we must make the conscience decision to accept life's chaos, breath, and chose inner peace instead. When we consciously make decisions we are in control of our emotions. When we let society influence our decisions we are giving up control by not caring.

 Next time you are feeling angry, anxious, or sad, simply slow down and realize the negative feeling and replace it with a positive one instead. There are many peaceful moments in life that we can call on to replace our negative emotions. Breath in acceptance of a negative emotion and breath out peaceful memories and positive emotions. I chose the love of my family to center me when I am anxious. I focus on the feelings of pure joy I have within me that have been given to me during my lifetime. Like, how proud I am of my children, this is a heart warming feeling that I can easily replace anger with. Love is always a great positive emotion to conquer negative emotions. Butterflies are a feeling that I will harness for all of my life, the pure love I feel for my husband that can instantly put a smile on my face. So next time you are feeling stressed, helpless, powerless, or overwhelmed; SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE.

To gain inner peace you must constantly practice. So everyday, every experience, every decision; make a conscience effort to choose your own emotions. After all it is your life, it belongs to you and no one else. 

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  1. Hi Niki, it's great to make your acquaintance :)

    As I was reading your post, I could not help but feel awed by your insight. I would also like to compliment you on your thoughtful articulation, and you are very right when you say that we choose to get upset without realizing that we had a choice to let the anger in. I also appreciate how you offer the idea of accepting life's chaos and choosing peace on the inside, because no matter how hard we try, more often than not, we are unable to control what happens outside of us but we are always in control of how we respond to these external circumstances. I look forward to reading more on your thoughts and ideas and wish you the best of luck in this term. :)