Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being human

No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, being a human is complicated.

It doesn't matter if you have had an easy life or a hard life, worries will always weigh on your mind. I believe that to be a successful human we must learn how to stay positive. I stay positive by replacing negative emotions and worries with positive emotions and hope. I do this through daily meditation. I'm not talking about sitting down in a peaceful environment and meditating. Rather, I meditate by refocusing my brain when it starts to get out-of-control, multiple times a day. Meditating can successfully happen at any moment in life's chaos. No matter where you are, you can always take a moment to "control" your thoughts. 

Here is how I calm my worries:
When I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious; I breathe, relax my body from my face down, and think of happy memories. In each of our lives there's a time where we have felt especially proud or had unconditional love for something or someone. Now, harness this feeling of loving kindness. Let the memory associated to the feeling go but hold on to the feeling. Take a deep breath and replace the negative emotions with this positive feeling. 

This loving kindness exercise will help you to constantly replace negative worries with positive memories, tricking your brain into being happy. After time, many of the trigger feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear will be replaced by healthy feelings.

Thoughts are things. So don't let your negative worries eat away at your body and your health.

 A healthy mind comes from healthy habits. When you let your mind run wild, you are not in control. So remember that even when your mind feels out of control, that you are in control and you should act like it every day. It is okay to feel the emotional and physical pain of life. It is not okay to let it consume you! Acknowledge the feeling(s), allow it space to be or replace it, relax, and repeat as necessary. 

Remember to stay positive and don't let your mind run wild. Control your actions as well as your mind's actions by practicing this meditation TODAY! 

We may feel all alone but we are not. We are all collectively confused, therefore we are never alone.


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