Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prints (mini art)

Today we found some foam from the mushroom container to re purpose. You could probably use a takeout foam box instead.

We took a pen and drew our pictures. Making sure we cut into the foam as we drew.

Once our stamp was complete we covered it with paint. We laid a piece of paper over it to remove this first print(this is not the print). Once the excess paint is pull away from the first print you are ready to make THE ONE. I used card stock to make these mini pieces of art.

Lay card stock over the foam print and hold still while pressing evenly, rub if you do not move it. Pull off and allow to dry.

Tadaaaaaaa mini art!!!!!!

Both my three year old and eight year old enjoyed this project.

I messed up by not reversing the original text so it turned out backwards. So make sure if you write anything, do it backwards on the foam.

(in the picture the Pegasus is not fully painted. Make sure you cover the whole stamp before you make the print)

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