Monday, April 9, 2012

Chicken coop

My dear friend Joe is a framer and bless his soul, he is helping me with my mobile chicken coop. My Father-in-law just tore out some was in his house and had available wood to use. My husband Kyle, helps us by stopping us from over thinking things.

Every weekend Joe stops by and donates a hour or two of his free time to helping me.
It is turning out way bigger than we originally planned. However, we have little tractor tires that we are putting on it so it should still be pretty easy to push around the property.

I am beyond excited with the way it is turning out. All of it so far has been made with free or donated material. I did misplace the hinges I thought I had so I may be buying some.
The ten chickens, feed, gravel, water container, feed tray, and heat lamp all cost $70.

I heard to use pine so I'm using 100% pine cat litter and it is working really well.
I moved the chickens in today. Now all we need is the wheels on next weekend and will be ready to graze in protection. For now they are still too little to go out so it does not really need wheels yet. The chicks are four weeks old today.


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