Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dandelion root tea

I am always looking for good natural detox solutions from all the crap I put in my body on a regular bases. Not to mention the fact that I am riddled with cysts. I came across a study that claims dandelion roots act as a detox for your liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, just about your entire system. A laboratory in Canada discovered that dandelion root eradicates cancerous cell without harming other tissue. Studies also revealed that the detox effects also 'cured' arthritis, anxiety, melanoma, many blood and bone diseases.
I am sure that this wondrous magical wish making plant from my youth is more than just a weed. So after discovery that you can harvest the roots and make tea I had to try it. I dug up dandelions and cut off the root. Scrub the root clean, blend in the magic bullet, steep blended dandelion root in boiling hot water for ten minutes. Enjoy!!!
It taste like parsnip broth. Drink plain or add honey, ginger, or sugar.

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