Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Healing affects of lemons

Lemons have long been a remedy to many health issues. Lemons are loaded in vitamin C but what else?

Lemons properties include:

-Citric acid
-limonene (immune booster)

So whether you want to clean your kitchen, your skin, or your insides, lemon is the golden ticket to success.  Well, the Egyptians thought so anyway. Modern medicine has proven Egyptians right, score one for humans!

Here are some of the many uses of lemons:

Disinfectant: Lemon juice can disinfect any surface making it a must if you choose to clean naturally without chemicals.

Acne solution: Rub lemon on your face to cleanse blackheads or make a mask from lemon and honey and allow to sit for 20 minutes then rinse clean.

Eczema relief: same recipe as the face mask only soak a cloth in the honey-lemon mixture and place on problematic area everyday one to three times a day.

Corn and callus remover: Take a thin slice of lemon and place it on the corn or callus and cover with a bandage overnight. Repeat nightly until area is healed.

Weight loss: Drink water with lemon in it everyday to speed up your metabolism. Squeeze half or a whole fresh lemon in to hot or cold water daily.

Flu and cold relief: Mix the juice of 1 lemon with 1 tsp honey in a tea cup and then once mixed blend with hot or boiling water. Drink this as much as needed. The lemon helps boost your immune system, soothes a soar throat, and calms shivers associated with being ill.

Anxiety relief: Lemon is a calming fragrance so inhaling its sweet fragrance can actually center your worriers. Lemon balm essential oil can add calm to your homes aroma if you use it regularly.

Cold sore cure: Rinsing your mouth with lemon water can actually heal a cold sore faster than most store bought medication. Rinse multiple times a day until cold sore subsides. Caution-lemon juice will sting.

Fight fatigue: A sip of lemon juice can quench your thirst way more than water can. So sipping on a lemon is great for long distant runners or just someone looking for a quick boost without snacking. Lemon juice is no substitute for water but it is good to know that it can work if it has to. 

Halitosis cure: Bad breath is the worst so fight it with lemon juice. That is correct rinsing with lemon can freshen your breath and keep it fresh. Mix a tbsp in a glass of warm water a rinse for at least thirty seconds.

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