Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leaf prints

Today we went for a walk in the crazy November wind to explore the falling of leaves.

I took all the kids and had them collect leaves of all sizes.

For fun I had the kids hold lightly on to leaves and pretend they were trees loading their leaves.

It was so windy that the wind kept blowing the leaves right out of their hands.

It was a perfect example needed for my preschoolers.

After our hike the boys chose their colors they wish each leaf to be.

We used markers which kept ripping the leaves so paint would be easier for the little ones to do.

After coloring the underside of the leaves we took turn using a rubber mallet to hammer the prints into the paper.

The result were beautiful works of art that all the kids were proud of.

Materials needed:

Addition tips and safety: I held the leaves and the mallet to insure the leaves didn't move while being hammered. I let the kids assist with the hammering of the leaf prints into the paper. I "helped" so no fingers got smashed.

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