Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Moon sand

This recipe is to make your own moon sand at home out of flour and oil.


I used baby oil but you could use any kind of oil.

I put a couple cups of flour in a container and slowly mixed in the oil until the mixture crumbled but could still hold shapes when pressed.

If it is too dry add more oil. If it is too wet add more flour.

I made the boys their moon sand in the summer and it is still just as fun as the day I made it five months ago.

The boys play with their containers of homemade moon sand all the time.  They focus on it which is rare for these wild boys.  I love that not only do the boys enjoy playing with this super cheap DIY moon sand but they love sharing the fun when their friends come to visit.  Friends and cousins of all ages get loads of entertainment from this simple craft.

Great craft for any age as long as they don't eat it :-)

I was going to make some up for gifts this holiday season. I just cant decide what size container to put them in.?.hmmmm....Or what color to make them?? Or maybe no color and just glitter, oh yeah, glitter! Sorry, squirrel.....................................

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