Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY solar cooker

I built this solar oven out of a reflective car windshield visor thingy. I bought it at the auto store. This project cost me less than $10

Supplies needed:
Visor thingy
Black pot with lid
Reynolds oven bag

Ive read a lot about building DIY solar cooker online. From my research I have concluded that this style only gets up to higher temps like 350 in the southern states. I live in Oregon and can only get mine up to 240 so far.

Well that's enough free heat to cook a lot of things. So in my book this is a great skill to have.

My first day I heated up some turkey cheddar sausages for lunch and then cooked up a apple cobbler for dessert.
Both were awesomely delicious.

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