Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY iPhone charging dock

My husband Kyle wanted a new charger by his computer. He already had the standard iPhone USB to 30-pin charger/sync cable connected to his computer. So after being inspired by some other crafty geek online, he designed his own.

His charger/dock/amplifier is steam punk. Which means that it is overcomplicated and unique.

He began by chiseling out a slot for the iPhone to sit in from a chunk of 2X6. He drilled out two holes side-by-side through that slot to run the USB end of the 30-pin cable.

Next he drilled out a hole for his pipe/amplifier. Once the two main holes on top were done he drilled a hole through the side to connect the two cut out sections on top. This tunnel is how the sound travels through the iPhone slot to the pipe.

Kyle had to drill straight through the side to get the sound channel where he wanted it. This left an unwanted hole on the side, which was easily sealed with some hot glue.

Once all the holes and cut outs were exactly how he wanted them we went to the craft store. While there, Kyle found sticky back cork paper that had fake writing on it. It was perfect. He also bought some brass tags and corner pieces from the scrapbook section.

Once home, I cut out the cork paper with an Exacto knife and wrapped it around the block, covering the holes.  I know how to work with corners, but I would suggest making a paper template to work with.

Have fun and get creative. This handmade dock is way cooler than any I have ever seen for sale. The best part is it is one of a kind.

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